Designation of the Project:

EFTM - Ecological and Functional Mortars for Sustainable and Customizable Flooring and Pavement

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Primefix – Colas e Argamassas Técnicas, Lda.
Primefix – Colas e Argamassas Técnicas, Lda.
Period of execution:

01/09/2016 - 31/08/2018

Program funding:

Centro 2020

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Description of the project:

The EFTM project aims to develop innovative mortars for plasters and floors, multifunctional, with superior performance, that allow to minimize energy costs, increase durability and mitigate some of the most frequent pathologies that lead to their early degradation. The Ecological and Functional Technical Mortars (EFTMs) will be designed integrating preferably residues/by-products from other productive sectors, selected to grant thermal and acoustic properties. Solutions that lead to self-cleaning and micro-organism resistance, as well as fluorescence properties, will also be sought.


Develop innovative, sustainable mortars with high hygrothermal and acoustic performance; Ensure self-cleaning and resistance to microorganisms; Allow customization of coatings incorporating in particular materials with fluorescent properties; To value the incorporation of by-products of other productive sectors; Create an innovative and sustainable product with high functional value at the level of new construction and rehabilitation; Develop easily applicable mortars (with capacity to be designed in the case of walls and with self-leveling capacity in the case of pavements (screeds)) and fast curing; Create a product with high commercial value and with high export potential.

Main Activities:

Definition of the fundamental requirements and requirements of mortars; Development and characterization of new coating and floor mortars; Factory approach; Validation of the performance of new products; Promotion and dissemination of results.

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